Charge of Light Brigade Diorama

Crimean War Diorama

The Crimean war in 1854 - The Charge of the Light Brigade lead by Lord Cardigan rode into the Russian artillery and were slaughtered in the valley.

Britains toy soldiers, cannons & bombed buildings.


Company :

Britains - 54mm -Lead

Accessories :

Buildings - styrofoam & resin

Tents - lead

Strechers - lead

Mountains - styrofoam



27.08.2021 20:18

Really like the explosions in the Charge of Light Brigade


awesome Light Brigade Charge

mark proska

09.12.2015 04:22

10.12.2015 18:29

Thanks for the comment. You should check out my Civil War video.

Latest comments

11.11 | 03:35

Thanks, it keeps me out of trouble

07.11 | 04:12

The films capture beauty.

02.11 | 20:54

The whole diorama is amazing

25.10 | 19:43

Hi Ricky, most of the figures in the diorama are Britains toy soldiers

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