Napoleonic British

Napoleonic Wars

Napoleonic Dioramas


Company :

Minifigs - 25mm- 1/72  scale

Figures - lead

Landscape :

Trench - styrofoam



26.07.2016 03:21

I love your dioramas. My father passed away and we are needing to sale some of his dioramas. Do you purchase any that have already been painted?


31.07.2016 23:14

Hi Shannon, I have bought painted dioramas before.If you can send pictures of the dioramas ,I can let you know if I am interested. You can also sell on ebay.

Latest comments

11.11 | 03:35

Thanks, it keeps me out of trouble

07.11 | 04:12

The films capture beauty.

02.11 | 20:54

The whole diorama is amazing

25.10 | 19:43

Hi Ricky, most of the figures in the diorama are Britains toy soldiers

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